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                Wanglang Overview

                Shangrao Wanglang Industrial Co., Ltd. is an innovative PVA towel manufacturer, with a strong R&D team, modern production lines and professional employees. All products are eco-friendly produced and the quality is controlled strictly in accordance with international standards. 

                Our company is specialized in PVA towel production, dyeing and printing, processing with good quality and timely delivery. Until now, we have got customers from Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Oceania, South Asia and other regions in the rest of the world. 

                Our company is devoting ourselves into the global environment protecting job and keeps investing in sustainable development work. Now, our company has extended the investment into bamboo products, mainly including bamboo cutting boards and other cookware and daily using small items. 

                We enjoy convenient transportation not only on land, but also in sea and air. We are very near to the biggest port in the world-Shanghai, and also are next to Port Ningbo and Yiwu city, which is famous for its biggest small commodities market in the world. 

                Our company is working hard to constantly introduce new product series to the market. To meet buyers' customized orders, we have already fulfilled ODM and OEM requirements for some famous companies in the industry. 

                To sustain the growth in the future, we are strictly operating in accordance with the principle of "Good quality, further development, and Perfect service". Furthermore, our company will try to expand the factories, improve the quality and enhance varieties of products in order to meet customers' requirements. We will try our best to provide every clerk with comfortable working environment that feels like home. 

                We strongly insist on "offering customers high-quality products and best services" aim. Our company is committed to creating value for customers and building a reputable brand, both domestically and internationally. 

                Brand Structure

                • Coolover ice towel, cool love, because it is cool, so close. Because of the magic of the cold feeling, let you feel the ice towel is very cute. The brand image is on the sun sun Xuefeng was icy, conquer, see that the cooling effect of ice towel.

                • Got small towel, small waves, whisper, is leisurely and relieved, there are lively, think of the sea breeze gently, passing close, comfortable feeling.

                Company Honors


                • 2013-06-30

                  Beijing S chain pet club today has ordered 9 PVA pet absorbent towel.

                • 2013-11-03

                  Wang Lang industry and Alibaba group cooperation, the opening of the international trade platform, by Ali ushered in visitors, there are from the United States, Australia, India, Brazil, intelligence, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and other countries of the traders and end customers.

                • 2014-04-05

                  The United States well-known brand Kitchenware and Wang Lang industry reached a long-term cooperation contract, all clean towels, kitchen will provide a bamboo production.

                • 2014-06-04

                  Shaanxi Y pet club chain ordering custom logo pet bath towel, hair Xi'an.Shaanxi Y pet club chain ordering custom logo pet bath towel, hair Xi'an.

                • 2015-11-25

                  Hongkong swimming sports brand custom embossed logo.

                • 2015-11-30

                  Wang Lang's industrial brand small language and coolover officially launched a new brand of swimming, towel, ice towel to be listed. More fashionable intimate products are moving towards the people of China and the world.

                • ...