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                Cotton towels have what not good? The difference between popular science.

                Author: Date: 2015-12-16 09:06:14

                Is the first domestic cotton towel towel, because of its natural skin absorbent health dear. But each towel has its own characteristics, there are advantages, but also disadvantages. Here we come a towel popular science:

                A cotton towel, Terry, woven, sanded, double section. Cotton towels, water absorption is good, natural kiss. Disadvantages of variable hard, easy to breed bacteria after wet, dander is inevitable. After 2 months, feel much better than before.

                Bamboo fiber towels are woven fabric, Terry, flower, double, sanded and other variety. Feel smooth, water absorption and more, a gloss, natural bamboo fiber has antibacterial effect, baby is also applicable. The disadvantages, the cost is relatively high, there is hair, not easy to dry.

                Microfiber towel, usually nylon woven, weft elastic, inelastic flat knitting. General for the barber shop clean hair, washing room cleaning, kitchen cloth. Advantages, strong decontamination, water absorption, low cost. There are shortcomings, easy to fade, dander, hardens, except velvet for towels, generally do not use skin.

                PVA absorbent towel, PVA material and starch yarn network and other synthetic absorbent towel, a large number of times a large amount of water is one of the characteristics of the summer has 5-8 degrees of cold effect, known as ice towel, is characterized by its second. Don't drop dander, easy to clean, pet towels for choice. Water absorption is not afraid of wet, used for sports, swimming, rain wet the car with a look, magic. Long hair is wet, wipe clean, OK. Kitchen toilet water, a small piece can get. Defect, synthetic material, non natural. After drying will become hard, affect the feel. Size limited, generally not more than 80 cm long.